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The YODO Course helps people make their plan for the end of life, so they can live with grace and gusto … today.

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On the course you’ll cover:

  • Make a thoughtful master plan
  • Prepare your funeral or memorial
  • How to pass on your valuables, traditions, and values
  • Live the rest of your life with grace and gusto
  • Develop a meaningful spirituality

What you get on the course:

  • YODO Book, Course Planner, and Workbook shipped to you free
  • Online access to 6 video sessions. See below for session details
  • Downloadable planning forms

What is the You Only Die Once Course?

Based on Margie Jenkins’ books, You Only Die Once and Your Personal Planner, the YODO Course is a one-of-a-kind comprehensive 6-week course, where guests prepare for all aspects of the end of life in a personable, informational, lighthearted, interactive environment with other people. It enables them to remove future burdens for those they love, while giving the gift of passing on their life values, as well as their valuables.

Take the YODO Course


Want to see what you and your course guests receive on the YODO course? Watch the video and view guest and leader materials for Session 1—Benefits of End-of-Life Planning: Getting Fitted For Your Wings.

Watch the Video

6 Week Session Overview

The YODO Course is designed to be both HELPFUL and FUN!

Based on Margie’s approach, the YODO Course walks guests through the process of understanding why a plan is so important, what the elements of a good end-of-life plan are, and how to put a plan together … step-by-step.

Session 1
Get Fitted For Your Wings

Benefits of End-of-Life Planning

  • Understand the need for end-of-life (EOL) planning to help avoid confusion, conflict, and trauma
  • Lessen the resistance and awkwardness about EOL issues
  • Make the decision to create a written EOL Plan

Session 2
Don’t Die Till You Watch This Video

Thoughtful Planning is a Wonderful Gift

  • Create an action list of the things that matter most to you when thinking about and planning for your life’s end
  • Organize EOL Planning Files
  • Begin creating a master EOL plan

Session 3
King Of The Gypsies Funeral

Preparing Your Grand Finale

  • Think through and plan for your funeral or memorial service
  • Understand your choices about funeral and burial options
  • Include any Advanced Directives you want in your EOL Planning Files

Session 4
Who Gets The Mummy Hand When You Die, Grampa?

Passing On Your Values and Your Valuables

  • Understand importance and history of possessions and how to pass them on
  • How to pass on rituals, memories, and values
  • Make a plan for legacy giving to organizations, churches, and causes you care about

Session 5
Live Bodaciously With Grace And Gusto

Add More Joy

  • Understand the benefits of living “bodaciously” and add more joy and satisfaction to life
  • Define what activities bring you joy
  • Enrich your relationships and spirituality

Session 6
I’m About To Go Dancing

Spirituality When it Really Counts

  • Focus on spirituality and connecting with God in meaningful ways
  • Think through how to pass on your beliefs and faith
  • Understand the importance of closure

Inspired to help others live with grace & gusto?

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