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About The Author, Margie Jenkins

The You Only Die Once Course is based on Margie Jenkin’s book, You Only Die Once, which is a warm-hearted, easy to read book that demystifies end-of-life planning. Ideas for this usually intimidating challenge are illustrated by poignant personal stories.

These anecdotes open the heart and mind to go down planning paths that we often avoid…until it’s too late. Plans like: Where you want your cherished possessions to go; your vital papers; preparing your will; and even planning your own funeral or memorial service. It also gives very helpful insights on how to live bodaciously before you die; hope for survivors; what to do first after a death or a medical crisis; advance directives; and spirituality when it really counts.

Margie Jenkins is nationally recognized for her work with end-of-life planning issues and presents seminars across the country on this important topic. She is noted for her sensitivity, humor, and clinical practicality.

She is frequently interviewed on TV and radio and has traveled extensively, speaking to public and professional groups on the topic of her book, You Only Die Once and the My Personal Planner, a companion piece to the book. Jenkins was a member of the Houston Committee of the Texas Partnership for End of Life Care (TxPEC) for the Bill Moyer TV series, “Dying on our Own Terms” in September 2000.

Relying on her 30 plus years of experience and knowledge as a therapist, Margie Jenkins writes about the amazing journeys we all travel. She is also a volunteer therapist for Cancer Counseling, Inc., working with cancer patients and their families guiding them through life’s final chapter.

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