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With the right planning, your legacy will include peace of mind

With the right planning, your legacy will include peace of mind

Introducing The YODO Course

Prepare for life's end with grace and gusto. Are you ready?

About the YODO Course

All you need for end-of-life planning in 6 sessions

On the course you’ll cover:

  • Make a thoughtful master plan
  • Prepare your funeral or memorial
  • How to pass on your valuables, traditions, and values
  • Live the rest of your life with grace and gusto
  • Develop a meaningful spirituality

What you get on the course

YODO Book, Planner, and Workbook

Our resources allow you to get the most out of the course. We ship you a copy of Margie Jenkin’s book, You Only Die Once, along with the YODO Planner and Workbook.

Online Access to All 6 Sessions

Go through the course’s 6 sessions online and at your own pace. When you register, you get immediate access to all videos and forms. Watch from any device, as long as you have access to the internet.

Downloadable Planning Forms

On the course you’ll actually create your end-of-life plans using the course documents and forms. You, your family, and your friends will experience peace knowing your desires are clear and thorough.

Course Materials & YODO Book (Free Shipping)

We ship you a copy of Margie Jenkin’s book, You Only Die Once, along with the YODO Planner and YODO Workbook. These resources are full of wisdom and expertise so you can plan with confidence.

Session Details

The You Only Die Once Course is a one of a kind experience based on Margie Jenkins’ books, You Only Die Once and My Personal Planner. The six-week course help you explore and plan for end-of-life issues.

The environment is both personal and lighthearted, helping participants remove future burdens for those they love, while giving the gift of passing on their life values, as well as their valuables. Session topics include:

Session 1—
Benefits of End-of-Life Planning

  • What’s the value of having a plan
  • Possible roadblocks along the way

Session 2—
Thoughtful Planning is a Wonderful Gift

  • Identifying what’s most important to you in your plan
  • Begin developing your personalized End of Life master plan

Session 3—
Preparing Your Grand Finale

  • Preparing for the memorial service

Session 4—
Passing On Your Values & Your Valuables

  • The plan for passing down valuables
  • The plan for transferring your values

Session 5—
Living Bodaciously

  • The plan for building joy in everyday
  • Your bucket list

Session 6—
Spirituality When it Really Counts

  • The role of faith in your personal journey
  • Communicating your values to others

Stop Putting It Off And Start Planning It Out

What People Are Saying

“There are lots of things I would like to pass on but we weren’t in a position to really talk about it. And mentally we weren’t well prepared to think about it. … Subsequent to completing the course, God has really healed some of our relationships with our kids.”

~David Meeh, Participant

“I want to learn how to live in the moment. And then, I want to travel, spend more time with family, more quality time with friends. I think all that is part of bodacious living and being grateful for everyday I have.”

~Diana Weed, Participant

Margie Jenkins is nationally recognized for her work with end-of-life planning issues and presents seminars across the country on this important topic. She is noted for her sensitivity, humor, and clinical practicality.

She is frequently interviewed on TV and radio and has traveled extensively, speaking to public and professional groups on the topic of her book, You Only Die Once and the My Personal Planner, a companion piece to the book. Jenkins was a member of the Houston Committee of the Texas Partnership for End of Life Care (TxPEC) for the Bill Moyer TV series, “Dying on our Own Terms” in September 2000.

Relying on her 30 plus years of experience and knowledge as a therapist, Margie Jenkins writes about the amazing journeys we all travel. She is also a volunteer therapist for Cancer Counseling, Inc., working with cancer patients and their families guiding them through life’s final chapter.

The You Only Die Once Course is based on Margie’s book, You Only Die Once, which is a warm-hearted, easy to read book that demystifies end-of-life planning. Ideas for this usually intimidating challenge are illustrated by poignant personal stories.

These anecdotes open the heart and mind to go down planning paths that we often avoid…until it’s too late. Plans like: Where you want your cherished possessions to go; your vital papers; preparing your will; and even planning your own funeral or memorial service. It also gives very helpful insights on how to live bodaciously before you die; hope for survivors; what to do first after a death or a medical crisis; advance directives; and spirituality when it really counts.

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